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Riding, Me & Get-To-Gether Season 4

Was riding event Get-To-Gether Season 4 worth visiting?

I wasn't so sure that I would visit the season 4 of Get-To-Gether event in Khanvel, Dadra and Nagar Haveli when it's dates were announced few months back by team Get-To-Gether. Because there are many riding events that take place round the year and in-fact in the riding season i.e. from September to March, every month at least 2 to 3 events take place and organized by riding clubs or as individuals.

We as riders, rides to different different destinations not just to explore those places but to meet other riders too and that's why we are called as community & the brotherhood.

Riding events started, because of three simple reasons - Riders gatherings, brotherhood and the detox from the stressful and hectic life. But nowadays these primary three reasons are replaced by competitions and politics which is very toxic for the community, and that's a fact, I am too no exception with this scenario, in-fact it's a human nature and you can't go away from it.

I quote

"We are riders and not jokers.. We ride to explore and not to exploit.. We ride for sodality and not for division... Because we are one and are strong." - Rahul Mehta


According to me My answer is 'YES.'

The only reason of it's worthiness was that the 'honest approach' of the team Get-To-Gether which they kept during the event. As their event name says, it was focussed only on the get togetherness of riders and nothing else.

I have visited many events but Get-To-Gether was slightly different than others because of their honesty and welcoming approach, may be because it is being organized by the same group of people every year.

The only thing which I personally think that the communication between team Get-To-Gether and Resort staff could be better.

Apart from this reason, I found Get-To-Gether an interesting event. Anyways, these things I leave it up to the management.

As per my observations:

Major riding events in India only focuses on clubs and their riders and particularly a certain brand of motorcycles, but they fail to understand that all the successful riding events across the world never focuses on certain brand of bikes or club riders but they give importance to all the riders - no matter if they belong to any club or not or which brand of bike they ride? They focuses only on to the riders who are passionate about riding, and thats their success mantra.

Now it's the time that we all should, especially the respected clubs should come together and get away with this class system and apply the actual meaning of brotherhood and assimilate all the riders in to one community without differentiating their bikes, place and clubs.

I am not against of any clubs and I do agree with their rules and regulations but just remember we are riders and not politicians and political parties.

We ride for the self enlightenment...

We ride for togetherness...

We ride for brotherhood...

We ride to explore...

We ride to uplift the community...

We ride to help...

We ride for cause...

We ride to unite...

We ride for oneness...

We ride for freedom...

And lastly we ride for ourselves...

Politics and shit is happening everywhere in the country and will continue to happen.

But at-least we as riders !!! can we not raise our bar from all these bullshits ?

I personally don't believe in any bondages - A rider is like a free bird and should remain as free. Groups and Clubs are important because it gives the sense of unity and discipline but don't forget that you are a rider first then a member of any groups or clubs. Don't let go away the spirit of riding within you.

Now Get-To-Gether is shifting from one family to another and that another family is "UNIDO." And I hope and believe UNIDO will do a great justice and uplift the spirit of the next season of Get-To-Gether.

Just four suggestions :

Please break away from this resort format of event.

Because almost in every event, riders remains caged in their rooms, which is actually wrong attitude...

Please consider solo riders too, because they are big in numbers and no one thinks about them.

Please consider other brands of bikes too, because brotherhood stands for all.

Make a committee for women riders - encourage them and uplift their passion of riding with respect.

This is my "Point of View" what I have observed during the event. It is possible that my view don't match with others... But I think it's very important to be original rather than borrowed.

I quote

"Be original & Be yourself , because fakers don't last long."-

- bikers club ® blogs | by Rahul Mehta

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