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People, Perception & Female riders

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Why do people stare at those female riders who ride geared motorcycles?

It's not about staring at female riders but about the feeling of being equal. There's nothing wrong in riding geared motorcycles by women but psychologically it impacts a male ego and according to me that's a bullshit mindset. Since ages, our male-dominated societies have kept women bottled up in the dark, because of the shallow thinking about women they think everything belongs to men and women are producing machines. But I condemn their hypocrite thinking.

Time is changing at the speed of light but the impact of those thinking and teachings are still run in our DNA, no matter how modern and feminist you think you are but somewhere in some part of your brains you still carry that male dominance. This is no fault of our current generation but in-fact it's the fault of our previous and previous to previous generations and I strongly condemn that bottled up thinking but support feminism, women empowerment in every field. Riding motorcycle is just a drop in an ocean, in-fact instead of "clean India movement", we require - "clean hypocrite Indian mindset movement."

I quote

I am a daughter, sister, wife & mother... but I am a rider too and don't you ever try to underestimate my riding skills... which can be as ferocious as any rider can think of...

There are two types of riders, Ones that those who think riding geared motorcycles are just for men, and women should ride only gearless bikes. Why? Who patented and reserved geared bikes for men? You know what !!! I don't call these riders are riders !!! Why do they fail to understand that without women, men are nothing !!! And today female riders are doing extremely good in riding in-fact women are doing tremendously good in every field, and according to me they were always better than men, it's just that men didn't give them an opportunity to rise... rise above them due to their bloody insecurities, but now they can't do anything but to stare... stare at their equality and some obscene mindsets men would stare at their vitals and pass some cheap comments on them.

I think these creeds are there in every community and in every field including bikers community too. But thank God there are other types of riders too, who support feminism and women riders in this community who in-fact teach and encourage women to ride geared motorcycles and take them along with their LDRs (Long Distance Rides) with dignity and respect.

And why not !!! I think women riders are more disciplined than men riders, in-fact sometimes men get carried away with their testosterone rush and forget their responsibilities, whereas, women never do. Yes, I agree that there may be few exceptions but in general, they are focussed and responsible riders. I strongly believe that women are like water, they fit in any vessels unlike men and their ego. Ego is good to have but only a wise man would know how to use it in the right manner.

  • A true rider will always encourage female riders, it doesn't matter they ride geared or gearless bikes.

  • A true rider will always respect female riders and will stand by them if needed.

  • A true rider not only will have a strong and broad mindset but also will protect his fellow female riders from stalkers by turning their mindsets into mind walkers with or without fighting.

Why do we ride? And why are we called as a community that stands different from other communities?

Because we are MIND WALKERS AND NOT STALKERS, we stand by those who need us, be it riders or commuters.

We raise society's issues because we feel responsible for our society.

Who are we?

"We are humans with the mindset of riders."


In riders community we say "bikers brotherhood" but I think we should promote and support "bikers sisterhood" as well. And we from "BIKERS CLUB ® are committed for that...


bikers club ® blog by RM

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