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Nehal Waghela: A Biker from Bengaluru with a different stroke.

During these tough times when the pandemic of covid is rampant, the very core of health and social infrastructure has been shaken, there have been quite a few volunteers who have joined humanity's attempt to survive.

Nehal Waghela is one such biker volunteer who has been actively engaged in the service of those impacted by the pandemic right from the beginning. She is a biker and rides RE Himalayan. During the first wave itself, she was part of an initiative to provide ration kits to poor and underprivileged who were left with no source of income due to lockdown. She also delivered essential medicines to old and stranded on her bike.

This year with the even more penetrative second wave, she has been constantly participating in relief efforts whether it's in association with many NGOs or in a personal capacity.

Along with her Rider group, SIR ( special initiative riders) she has contributed to donate ambulances to Mercy angels mission. She leads another initiative to provide 500 Ration kits to remote tribal villages and to slum areas like kodigehalli via SIR. She had actively participated in distributing food packs to frontline warriors.

She is associated with another NGO, “Being Social” and directing the efforts to deliver ration kits to different localities in Bangalore including orphanages, old age homes, migrant and stranded workers and other less privileged sections. She created a team of bikers who deliver about 50 ration kits on an average every day to these people in need on their bikes. She herself has participated in the field distributing 500 plus ration kits to several slum areas in Bangalore via Being social. She also went on the field to distribute ration kits to 150 plus women who are victims of trafficking and violence. She is leading the effort to distribute 500 sanitary napkins to underprivileged women n girls in these tough times.

She is an active volunteer for the “Youth for Seva” NGO and has been working with them throughout lockdown for various relief works including getting thousands of home care kits packed for underprivileged covid patients.

In a personal capacity also, she is helping people in need by arranging food packs, medicines and 32 plus vaporisers/steamers to covid positive people who are not able to afford them. She has helped senior citizens in getting vaccinated in various areas of the city. She also helped in arranging for hospital beds and oxygen cylinders while she was working with multiple groups of covid volunteers. She is a source of inspiration and positivity to many and has helped a number of people via counselling.

Explaining the social service on bikes, Nehal said that she firmly believed that one must work on the ground to change the current situation. “I have been enthralled by motorbikes since childhood. It sets me free, and it takes me away from the voices in my head that keep telling me about expectations of life, home, and work. When I am on a bike ride, I feel empowered to do anything, to go anywhere. It brings meaning to life,” she said. “Social service is also my passion. Earlier, I was involved in environmental causes like a rally for rivers and Cauvery Calling.”

BIKERS CLUB ® NETWORK Salutes her spirit and wishes her the best in life.

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