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Please Don't KILL my MOTHER ! Stop, Think & Save Her Before She Dies...

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

"It all started with Water and it will end with Water soon" The entire humanity is going to die in just 20 years from now and so as all living species on mother earth if we all do nothing to save water."

Since the beginning of Indian history, whenever India faces trouble teachers of this country have come forward for its rescue like from Chanakya to Dr. Radhakrishnan Sarvepalli. And now this couple duo Ajeet and Darshana (Husband-Wife) who are teachers by profession and the passionate riders, who took up the cause ride of "Save Water • Save Life" and are on an India ride which flagged off from Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) on Royal Enfield 350 cc, on 24th November 2019 which till now they have traveled through U.P, Rajasthan, M.P, Gujarat and now in Maharashtra in just one month and covered around 4,600 km, visited many schools in the mentioned states to motivate students and youth to "Save Water • Save Life", Their goal is clear that to target young generations and students to educate about water scarcity in the country and world so that if they can start conserving water now, then a big change can be brought in to the society because they are the future and the habit which they follow now will be the lifestyle they will be living in the future.

They are on this mission to ride the entire country in all 28 states and Union Territories with carrying this message of "Save Water • Save Life" and visit all the possible schools and the parents to make them aware and educate about the future scarcity of water and its implications on mother earth's ecosystem. Because "EVERY DROP OF WATER COUNTS." And they will be covering almost around more than 25,000 km in 3 to 4 months and that to be a self-funded, and in fact, Darshana has quit her teaching job for this campaign ride.

What are they getting from this ride?

They believe, that if we don't do this now then our future generations will be doomed. And it's the duty of our generation that to look at what are we passing for the living to the next and future generations? All the resources of mother earth are limited and it should be our responsibility to refuel its resources whatever we use for our living. And what do they get? They both said the word "SATISFACTION" They very well know that their efforts can not bring change or revolution and awareness about "Saving Water • Saving Life" alone but if they can bring some change in some or few people then their purpose of the ride will be fulfilled. Because revolution takes time, it cannot be brought overnight.

And as some saints say "You can't serve the whole world, but at least you can serve few people and change their world forever."

Everything in this universe has a meaning and a purpose for its existence and that existence has a survival instinct and so as we humans and all the living species too but we all are interdependent on each other and mostly we all are dependent on nature and its resources.

Have you ever thought that if we don't get sunlight then what would happen?

Have you ever thought that if we don't get oxygen then what would happen?

Have you ever thought that if we don't get food then what would happen?

And most importantly have you ever thought that if we don't get water then what would happen?

Yes, we all know the answer but who cares, because we all know that nature is filled with all these natural resources and we don't have to think about it and as like brainless creature we all are busy with our life and work without even thinking for a second that this all resources will get over someday. Because nothing in this world is infinite, everything that has started has an end. This not only implies livings but also for planets, solar systems, and the universe too. We can't control this but at least we can preserve & conserve what we have in our hands, some of the other day it's going to get finished but sooner or later, that depends on us.

Our forefathers have seen beautiful and full of the resourced world than what our father(s) has seen, and our father(s) have seen a better world than what we are seeing, living and experiencing now. With all the generations that have passed before ours have seen resourceful mother earth and the generations which are going to come after us will see, live and experience the deteriorated world with lack of resources. The generations before us didn't care and think much about to preserve & conserve the resources because of the development and the industrial revolution that took place to make the world technologically advanced and progressed with more materialistic needs and seeds which eventually made our world competitive but became deteriorated, abandoned and less inhabitant for living.

We, humans, are brainy creatures and we have progressed a lot compared to others and made ourselves advanced and tech pro. Earlier there used to be one world then colonization & kingdom ship happened from there countries got separated, then states and then cities and now all of us are fighting with each other to get ahead from each other, but in this process nature and natural resources have been massively misused more than what actually we required. And we all have been and are part of this destruction and we can't even do anything because 3% of the world's population is ruling on 97% of the rest of the population and that 3 % is the businessmen, politicians, influenced people and some elite class and due to their greed and ambitions, 97% people are brainwashed by that 3% to rule and change world according to their profits and benefits. I am not saying they all are bad and greedy but are connected and interdependent businesswise on each other and this will never end. But what is important here is that we at least do something which we can and is in our hands, which is to preserve & conserve nature and its resources.

I am not writing this to preach you all and get some intellect applause but I am writing this as a warning bell that if we don't think now then there will be no tomorrow.

Look ! What have we done to the world?

We have progressed in some parts of the world but due to imbalance in nature and because of excessively overuse of resources and chemicals, other parts of the world have become like this.

Does that mean we should not do progress or live a material life?

No, that's not the solution and that is not even possible also. Even I am writing this blog on a computer. Technology is a blessing and it's our right to progress but with progress and advancement, we should keep and care about nature too, without which all the progress we have achieved and will be achieving are useless. Like we keep our house clean and perfect because we live in it and we don't like to stay in a messy house, is the same way our mother earth is also a home to all the living species and if we don't preserve & conserve and keep safe then in near future this beautiful home will no longer be inhabitant for us and those symptoms are already started pouring-in, in terms of drought, tsunami, earthquake, excess rains, tornados, storms, volcanos, and many more natural calamities, because of the earth's own balancing system to fix it for survival, but every balancing system has a limit and beyond which even that will fail too and slowly steadily everything will come to an end.

Progress is necessary but not at the Cost of People,

Globalization is necessary but not at the Cost of Nature,

Technology is necessary but not at the Cost of Humanity,

Competition is necessary but not at the Cost of Sovereignty,

Religion is necessary but not at the Cost of God,

Survival is necessary but not at the Cost of Excessive Killings,


What will we do with this progress if we won't have natural resources like Soil, Air, Water, & Fire without which none can live?

No Soil - No Food,

No Air - No Life

No Water - No Food & No Life

No Fire - No Soul

And if you notice, all these natural elements are limited.

Everything can get managed but not 'WATER' and without which nothing can survive.

It's because of water only, life got its existence and flourish. As we all know the first life which came into existence on this planet was in the water !!! So think, if our earth goes waterless then what would happen? Inimaginable right?

What About Sunrise? What About Rain?
What About All The Things... That You Said We Were To Gain?
What About Killing Fields? Is There A Time?
What About All The Things... That You Said Was Yours And Mine?
Did You Ever Stop To Notice... All The Blood We'hv Shed Before?
Did You Ever Stop To Notice... The Crying Earth The Weeping Shores?

- Michael Jackson

Freshwater Crisis

There is the same amount of freshwater on earth as there always has been, but the population has exploded, leaving the world's water resources in a crisis.

A Clean Water Crisis

The water you drink today has likely been around in one form or another since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, hundreds of millions of years ago.

While the amount of freshwater on the planet has remained fairly constant over time continually recycled through the atmosphere and back into our cups, the population has exploded. This means that every year competition for a clean, copious supply of water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and sustaining life intensifies.

Water scarcity is an abstract concept to many and a stark reality for others. It is the result of myriad environmental, political, economic, and social forces.

Freshwater makes up a very small fraction of all water on the planet. While nearly 70% of the world is covered by water, out of which only 2.5% of the total water is fresh and drinkable, whereas, 97.5% of water is saline and ocean-based. Even then, just 1% of our freshwater is easily accessible, with much of it trapped in glaciers and snowfields. In essence, only 0.007% to fuel and feed its 7 billion people.

Due to geography, climate, engineering, regulation, and competition for resources, some regions seem relatively flush with fresh water, while others face drought and debilitating pollution. In much of the developing world, clean water is either hard to come by or a commodity that requires laborious work or significant currency to obtain.

Water Is Life

Wherever they are, people need water to survive. Not only is the human body 60% water, but the resource is also essential for producing food, clothing, and computers, moving our wastes stram, and keeping us and the environment healthy.

Unfortunately, humans have proved to be inefficient water users. (The average burger takes 2,400 liters of water to produce, and many water-intensive crops, such as cotton, are grown in arid regions).

According to the United Nations, water use has grown at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century. By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two-thirds of the world's population living in water-stressed regions as a result of use, growth, and climate change. The challenge we now face as we head into the future is how to effectively conserve, manage, and distribute the water we have.

What are the solutions?

The ONLY solution which I can suggest is that "DON'T WASTE WATER BECAUSE EVERY DROP COUNTS." The whole internet is filled up with How to save water? And has explanations too related to ways in which one can "Save Water • Save Life" please take out some time and read it. Because it's ours and the government's duty and responsibility to refuel groundwaters whatever we consume so that rivers don't get depleted.

We from BIKERS CLUB ® always stood by and will stand by with all the causes which are in the betterment for the society and its future and we are committed to that ARE YOU?

BIKERS CLUB ® congratulates and wishes best to this couple duo Ajeet & Darshana for taking up this cause ride to bring some awareness so that our future and the next generation can live resourcefully.

Heal the world... Make it better place for You and for Me and the entire Human race...
There are people dying... If we care enough for the living... Make it better place for You and for Me...

- Michael Jackson

bikers club ® blog by Rahul Mehta

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