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Reflective Hexapod Bungee Tie-down System-32"/80cm-Black

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Building upon the success of the Hexapod, MotoTech now brings to you this new Reflective Heavy-Duty Hexapod bungee cord, a multipurpose bungee tie-down system, which gives you ample options and ways to fasten luggage or cargo loads using 3 or more of the bungee arms.

Securely mount your luggage in seconds with the Reflective Hexapod Bungee Cords. Strong and flexible, the Hexapod has embedded retro-reflective filaments that ensure you stay visible at night!

There are a total of 6 elastic attachment points with a strong and ultra-durable plastic hook made of POM (Polyoxymethylene), at each end. In the centre, the 3 bungee cords are bound together with a sturdy triangular and super strong ring, made of POM as well. All bungee cords are made from premium grade, first quality and long-lasting latex rubber. Plastic hooks have a multi-season usage potential, thus negating the problem caused by rusting of metal hooks in tropical or moist weather conditions.

We all know how frustrating it can get when a bungee cord breaks or gives way in the middle of a trip. So how does one find out the difference between genuine superior quality and a fake inferior quality bungee cord? So, how to spot the difference to avoid getting cheated or buying inferior quality bungee cords.


- Bungee Cord is made of Quality Heat resistant Latex Rubber Thread
- Outer Sheath is made of Polyester multifilament yarn
- 3 bungee cords which make up to 6 arms offer better and solid anchoring options
- Non rusting, strong and Ultra-durable plastic hooks
- Sturdy and super strong triangular centre ring

Diameter of each Bungee cord: 8mm

Length of each Bungee Cord: 32” / 80cm

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