This page is only for the Bikers Club ® Association members

How to EARN BC Miles?

During the RIDE AND EARN offer time (each month), a few things members have to upload. Remember BC Miles can be calculated only on the registered bikes/motorcycles with the membership card. 

For every 10 Kms of your ride on the registered bike/motorcycle, you earn 1 BC Mile.

1 BC Mile = 0.50 Paisa for the RED card members. RED card holders can earn maximum 500 BC Miles, i.e., 250/- RS pm

1 BC Mile = 1.00 Rupee for the GREEN card members. GREEN card holders can earn maximum 500 BC Miles, i.e., 500/- RS pm


The BC Miles will be calculated on the registered bikes/motorcycles only with your card. Between 1st to 7th of each month.

Please fill all the details carefully. Any wrong information will count wrong BC Miles.

Both the Uploads should be of the same bike's odometers. Different odometer's of a different bike won't be allowed. You can upload only the registered bike's photo, which you have provided while activating your Card. If your card is not activated then you won't be able to participate. So kindly activate your card.